Cider News – February 24, 2017


Here’s a recap of the best cider news worth sharing:

CiderAuction Bucket

1) CiderAuction—an online platform for cidermakers to buy small lots of distinctive frozen juice—launched its first round of auctions this week. See Meet Our Apple Growers for a list of participating orchards and the apple varieties used in the juice lots.

2) The Heritage of Orchards & Cider Making in Wales is a growing video archive that collects oral histories of Welsh cider and perry traditions.

3) A cider with cherry, a cider with hops, a cider with cinnamon—which isn’t taxed like the others? Find the answer in Cider Industry Federal Compliance Training 2017 and Recent Changes: Bonds, Annual Returns, Hard Cider Tax Rate from the TTB. (A nice overview is TTB to Amend Regulations in Relation to Hard Cider from On Reserve: A Wine Law Blog.)

4) In Wild Culture: Elemental Cider, Anna Brones writes for Paste on how cider’s growth is linked to a renewed interest in all fermented foods and drinks.

5) A trio of profiles: Mark McTavish of 101 Cider House by the LA Times, Al Snape of Far From The Tree by Cidercraft, and Taylor Kirby of DoubleCider by Cider Culture.

6) The latest Cider Sessions features Diane Flynt of Foggy Ridge Cider. (Also from CIDRBOX is The True Harrison, a brief history of the once-thought-lost variety.) And Cider Chat interviews Marlene Sofia Sousa Araújo of Araújo Monte in Portugal.

7) Sonoma County’s hard cider market is ripe for growth according to The Press Democrat. And in other warm climes, Cidercraft encourages you to Taste the South with These 4 New Cideries.

8) The bars, bottles and basics of Toronto’s latest beverage boom is an expert guide to the city’s cider scene by drinks writers Crystal and Tara Luxmore.

9) Vermont Cider Week kicks off today with events across the Green Mountain State.

10) Along Came a Cider posts CiderCon 2017 Part 2: Panels, Workshops, and Tastings. Cider Says reviews Moonlight Meadery How Do You Like Them ApplesVirtue The Mitten, and Oregon Mead & Cider Co. Free Press Hopped. Cidercraft reviews Eaglemount Raspberry HoppedI think about cider reviews Manoir de Grandouet Cidre Fermier Brut. drycider reviews Oliver’s Ellis Bitter, Farnum Hill Extra Dry, Angry Orchard Walden Hollow, and Samuel Smith’s Organic Perry. CiderScene recaps Cider Summit Chicago and reviews Schafly Proper Cider Scrumpy. Cider Soms sample ciders from the Northwest Pavilion at Cider Summit Chicago. The Milled Apple reviews Oliver’s At the Hop and Doc’s Draft PearSimple Cider Reviews tries J.K.’s Northern NeighbourLiberty English StyleVirtue PercheronSlyboro Hidden Star, Sonoma Dry Fuji, Snowdrift Cliffbreaks Blend, Whitewood Winesap, and Graft Cider Hop TropicCider Society reviews Thirsty Owl Fujac, Graft Cider Ashes of Tomorrow, and Bad Seed Ginga Roots. The Cider Blog reviews Hogan’s Killer Sharp Sour CiderThe Cider Drinker reviews Westons Rosie’s Pig Flat Tyre and Ross-on-Wye Dry Still. And Real Cider Reviews tries Bonamy’s Apple Cider.

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Cider News – February 17, 2017


Here’s a recap of the best cider news worth sharing:

CiderCon 2017
Credit: Cider Culture

1) Last week’s CiderCon in Chicago was a unanimous success! Along Came a Cider posts An Industry Growing Up, the first in a series. DRAFT Magazine has Five cider statistic takeaways from CiderCon 2017. Cider Chat interviews 20 cider enthusiasts at The Northman. And Good Beer Hunting shares an E.Z. Orchards + Angry Orchard Dinner vignette.

2) The United States Association of Cider Makers—the non-profit group that organizes CiderCon—elected new board members Eric Foster (Stem), Marcus Robert (Tieton), Brian Shanks (Bold Rock), and Dan Young (Tandem) to join current members Trevor Baker (Noble), Ryan Burk (Angry Orchard), Ben Calvi (Vermont Hard Cider), Eleanor Leger (Eden), Bruce Nissen (Jester & Judge), Paul Vander Heide (Vander Mill), and Dan Wilson (Slyboro). USACM also announced its annual awards, which Cider Culture recaps in Congratulations to CiderCon 2017 Award Winners!

3) “How can you size up a hard cider before the first sip?” CIDRBOX wants you to Know your hard cider. CIDRBOX now offers an inexpensive set of Cider Sensory Analysis Flashcards, and 33 Books Co. has released a Golden Russet Special Edition of its popular Cider Tasting Journal.

4) Sip Northwest chats with Molly Leadbetter of Meriwether Cider in Boise, Idaho. The San Diego Reader rejoices that More rain means more Calico Cider in Julian, California. And Big World, Small Girl shares her guide to the growing Austin Cider Scene.

5) Good Fruit Grower reports on Michigan State’s cider variety trials—which include research on red-fleshed apples for rosé ciders—in Hard cider secrets. Of related interest: the March shipment from the DoubleCider subscription service includes Snowdrift Red (GLINTCAP 2016 Silver Medal).

6) Mike Biltonen explains in The Ecosystem Orchard — A New Orchard Aesthetic how cider apples can restore balance, health, diversity, and a sense of wonder to small farms.

7) Brock University’s Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute—in conjunction with The Cider Institute of North America—will offer Cider and Perry Production – A Foundation at its St. Catharines, Ontario campus from April 24-28.

8) Upcoming judgings with cider categories include the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition, the WineMaker International Amateur Wine Competition, the San Diego International Beer Festival Competition, and the Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition (registration opens soon!).

9) Nine Pin Cider hosts the 3rd Annual Gathering of the Farm Cideries on Saturday. The Daily Gazette’s Craft cider producers to gather in Albany has the details.

10) Cider Says previews Portland’s Cider Rite of Spring and reviews Oregon Mead & Cider Co. Free Press Dry and Devoto Orchards 1976 Semi-Dry. The Milled Apple reviews Embark Craft Ciderworks The Pippin and Far From The Tree Bog. Cider Society reviews Stem Ciders Branch and Bramble and Ratel Dry Hopped. Simple Cider Reviews tries Nashi Orchards Barrel Fermented Cider, Snowdrift Orchard Select, Woodchuck Summertime, and Craigies Ballyhook Flyer 2013. Cider Soms share tasting notes from the Ciders of the Northeast tasting at CiderCon. CiderScene reviews the DoubleCider Subscription Box for January. And Real Cider Reviews tries Kalangadoo Cider The Cide Project.

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Cider News – February 10, 2017


Here’s a recap of the best cider news worth sharing:

Eden Essence Ice Cider

1) Eve’s Cidery recommends Ice Cider for Valentines Day. Suggested ice cider pairings (recipes included!) are King of the Forest Chestnut CakeCrustless Italian Cheese CakeLemon Curd TartMexican Chocolate Truffles, and a Local Cheese Plate.

2) “Winter always has us looking for something deeper, darker, fuller.” CIDER/FOOD suggests Honey-Poached Chestnuts + Blue Cheese + Ice Cider as a satisfying pairing.

3) The latest post at Cidernomics is The Cost Of That Fizz In Your Cider.

4) The United States Association of Cider Makers (USACM) launches the online exam for Level One of its Cider Certification Program.

5) Schilling Cider House’s new Portland location will feature a sour barrel program led by Pomme Boots Society co-founder Jennie Dorsey.

6) Eater Chicago offers A Sneak Peek Inside Eris, Chicago’s First Cider House. The all-star team behind Eris Brewery & Cider House includes beverage industry veterans Michelle Foik, Katy Pizza, and Hayley Shine.

7) Cidercraft recommends 5 West Coast Cideries to Discover in 2017. Other profiles of up-and-coming West Coast producers include Raising the Bar: Apples at the core of 1859 Cider Co. (Salem, Oregon) and Crooked City Cider is growing (Oakland, California).

8) Cidercraft interviews Nick Gunn of BenchGraft Cider Consulting. And Cider Chat interviews Llorenç Frigola of Mooma Cidery in Catalonia.

9) Cider Week Chicago wraps up this weekend with Cider Summit Chicago (don’t forget my Chicago Cider Summit 2017 Tasting Guide!).

10) Along Came a Cider reviews Citizen Cider Barrel-AgedCider Says reviews Wandering Aengus BloomEve’s Cidery Autumn’s Gold, and Portland Cider SangriaThe Milled Apple reviews Harpoon Spring CiderWoodchuck June and Juice, and Schilling Mischief Maker PomegranateCidercraft reviews Uncle John’s Apple Cherry. Cider Soms share notes from the CiderCon French Perry TastingCider Society reviews Urban Farm Fermentory Hopped CidahStowe Cider Smugglers’ Reserve Bourbon Barrel AgedStem Ciders Malice, and Slim Pickens Make Momma Proud. CiderScene reviews Blake’s Beard BenderThe Cider Drinker reviews Hunt’s Whisky Conditioned Cider. And Real Cider Reviews tries Hillbilly Scrumpy Cloudy Apple.

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Cider News – February 3, 2017


Here’s a recap of the best cider news worth sharing:

Chicago Cider Week

1) Chicago Cider Week kicks off today at The Northman. Visit for a Chicago Cider Week Map, a link to the CiderCon Schedule, and a handy Cider Summit Chicago Tasting Guide.

2) Cider Soms sampled innovative cocktails at the 3rd Annual Virtue Cider Stone Fence Competition. See Stone Fence Competition Cocktails for the recipes and Virtue Cider at Chicago Cider Week for a list of Virtue’s tastings and events.

3) Stem Ciders in Colorado is building a restaurant, taproom, and production facility—complete with its own orchard. Read more in RiNo cidery breaks ground on $7M facility in Lafayette. (If you’re headed to CiderCon, check out Stem’s Chicago Events.)

4) Holly Tennant interviews the founders of the Pomme Boots Society in the latest Women Making Waves in the Hard Cider World feature at Cider Culture.

5) Also at Cider Culture, Kerry McKenzie shares his Guide to Pairing French Ciders. (Love French cuisine? The Cider Chef is a great source for recipes that use cidre and calvados.)

6) Tom Wark at The Cider Journal believes that The Key to Cidery Success is Going Direct.

7) “Yet even in the most adventurous tap rooms and beer bars, craft cider simply doesn’t exist.” Jane Ryan at DrinkUp.London tries to figure out How Cider Got Left Behind.

8) Cider Chat interviews Luis Ravina Pisaca of Sidra Posma in the Canary Islands.

9) The inaugural Cider Week Frankfurt will be held March 21-24 prior to the 9th Annual Apfelwein International festival on March 26.

10) Along Came a Cider reviews Downeast Cranberry BlendCider Says reviews Jester & Judge Pineapple ExpressAnthem Hops, and Virtue LapinetteThe Milled Apple reviews J.K.’s Farmhouse Summer and Nine Pin Crimson GoldI think about cider reviews Guzman Riestra Sidra Brut Nature. Cider Society reviews Stem Ciders RemedyANXO + Shacksbury Collaboration #5, Nine Pin Vanilla Chai, and Peckham’s Cider Kir. The Cider Drinker reviews Sxollie Granny Smith. Cider Steve reviews Rich’s Farmhouse Cider Dry. And Real Cider Reviews tries Lost Pippin Heritage Cider from Tasmania.

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Cider News – January 27, 2017


Here’s a recap of the best cider news worth sharing:

Good Food Awards 2017

1) This year’s Good Food Awards Winners are Big B’s, Blue Bee, Far West, Finger Lakes Cider House, Finnriver, Humboldt, L. Mawby, Orchard Hill, Scar of the Sea, Slyboro, Snowdrift, and Whitewood. The awards celebrate companies that create vibrant, delicious, and sustainable local food economies.

2) “Ask any local cider aficionado what they drink, and chances are they’ll point you toward Eve’s Cidery.” Larissa Zimberoff writes From the Finger Lakes, a Real Cider Maker’s Cider for Edible Manhattan. (Of related interest: Cummins Nursery has a substantial supply of cider apple trees for spring shipping.)

3) Kate Bernot features Graft Cider and Big Hill Ciderworks in Wild-fermented ciders court sour beer drinkers for DRAFT Magazine. Unsure where the sourness in cider comes from? Michael Wilcox writes on Acidity in Cider and Perry for the BJCP Newsletter.

4) Sheridan Smith lists 5 New East Coast Cideries to Explore in 2017 for Cidercraft. And Sofia Payson features Ironbound Cider in “New Jersey, Come See for Yourself” for Cider Culture.

5) CheatSheet lists 10 Hard Ciders You’ve Never Heard of, But Need to Try. And The Cider Journal encourages you to Explore These 25 French Ciders. New reviews for the article are Cidrerie Daufresne BrutCidrerie Daufresne PoiréManoir de Grandouet Cidre Fermier BrutDomaine de la Minotiere Cidre Fermier Bio Brut, and Le Brun Organic Cidre.

6) The latest Cider Sessions from CIDRBOX features Brad Koehler of Windfall Orchard in Vermont. And Cider Chat talks with Brian Rutzen of The Northman in Chicago. (The episode opens with Michelle Foik of Chicago’s ERIS Brewery and Cider House detailing the CiderCon tastings. Worth a listen if you’re headed to the conference.)

7) Jeff Alworth—author of Cider Made Simple: All About Your New Favorite Drink—features Oregon’s Rack & Cloth in How to Do Social Media.

8) Cidermaker Ryan Burk and photographer Eva Deitch launch CIDER/FOOD, a chronicle of “cider, food and the places/moments they meet.” Their first post is Breaking Bread.

9) ‘A true legend’ of the Ontario craft cider industry is Rick VanSickle’s eulogy for Grant Howes of the County Cider Company. The well-loved Howes has died of a heart attack at the age of 60.

10) Along Came a Cider reviews Gowan’s 1876 HeirloomCider Says reviews Ratel Dry Hopped and Honest Abe Cider from the DoubleCider January BoxThe Milled Apple reviews Angry Orchard ElderflowerMaeloc Sidra SecaStormalong Kingston Black, and Bear Swamp Orchard New England Cider. Cidercraft reviews Blue Bee Aragon 1904The Cider Journal reviews New Avalon Pale 2015New Avalon Filigreen 2015New Avalon Bartlett Perry 2015, and Eden Imperial 11° RoséI think about cider reviews Craigies Ballyhook Flyer 2014. Cider Society reviews Awestruck Lavender Hops and Cider Creek Make America Grape Again. Cider Soms go on a Central/Gulf Coast Florida Cider Road Trip. The Cider Drinker reviews BlakStoc Quincy Jo & Hops Edition. cidersense reviews La Fauconnerie Cidre de Normandie and Les Trois Frères Jan Cidre Fermier Breton. And Real Cider Reviews tries Daylesford ‘Alf n ‘Alf 2015.

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