Cider Maps

This page is for historical reference only. The cider industry has grown so fast, and in so many places, that it became impractical to update the map with any frequency. I hope it still remains useful, as out-of-date as it is.

The World Map of Cider

Cidery  Winery  Brewery/Meadery
Ice Cidery  Distillery
Bar/Pub  Bottle Shop  Orchard/Museum/Other POI

Latest Update: August 21, 2013
Total Entries: 1,146

Locations on the map are only approximate. Verify the physical address and opening hours (if any) before visiting!  Please email your comments, suggestions, updates, and corrections to map {AT} ciderguide {DOT} com.

A major limitation of this mapping technology is that producers cannot be placed into multiple categories. The rule of thumb is that if a producer makes a cider, it is identified by a red dot…regardless of what other products are offered, how the producer identifies itself, or what licenses the producer has. I am working on possible solutions to this.

 Cideries: 910
 Wineries: 22
 Breweries/Meaderies: 9
 Ice Cideries: 11
 Distilleries: 17
 Bars/Pubs/Restaurants: 88
 Bottle Shops: 21
 Museums, Orchards/Nurseries, Other Points of Interest: 36
 Events/Festivals: 32

 910 Cider Producers in 23 Countries

United Kingdom: 300
Somerset: 51
Herefordshire: 38
Devon: 34
Gloucestershire: 20
Dorset: 15
Kent, Monmouthshire: 12 each
Worcestershire: 9
Cornwall: 8
All Other Counties: 101

United States: 202
Michigan, New York: 27 each
Oregon, Washington: 20 each
California: 15
Pennsylvania: 11
Massachusetts: 10
Virginia, Wisconsin: 8 each
Vermont: 7
North Carolina: 6
Indiana, Maine, Texas: 5 each
All Other States: 28

Basque Country: 60
Asturias: 54
Galicia: 1 

Canada: 84
Québec: 50
Ontario: 15
British Columbia: 12
Nova Scotia: 4
Alberta, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island: 1

France: 75

Australia: 39
Victoria: 11
New South Wales: 9
Tasmania: 7
South Australia, Western Australia: 6 each

Hesse: 24
Baden-Württemberg: 3
Bavaria: 2
Hamburg, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Schleswig-Holstein: 1 each

Austria: 16
New Zealand: 10
Ireland: 6
Mexico: 5
Denmark, Japan: 4 each
Argentina, Czech RepublicItalyNetherlandsSouth Africa: 2 each
Chile, IndonesiaIsrael, Switzerland: 1 each