Cider News – May 5, 2017

Here’s a recap of the best cider news worth sharing:

La Familia Hard Cider

1) Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with cocktails like the Mojito Cider Cocktail and the Angry-rita. Cinco de Mayo events in Portland, Oregon include the Tepache Y Tamales Bottleshare at Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider and the La Familia Cider Launch Party at the Portland Cider House.

2) Holly Tennant writes for Cider Culture on Sustainability and the Cider Industry. Part 1 in the series focuses on pesticides, energy use, and water use.

3) The Cider Journal encourages you to look for The Secret Message On Cider Bottles.

4) The Story of the Forgotten Genius who Discovered the Apple’s Birthplace, Before Being Murdered by Stalin is an outtake from Pete Brown’s recent book The Apple Orchard.

5) The AOP Cornouaille is 20 years old writes Breton cider expert Mark Gleonec. (Here’s an English translation.) The Cidre AOP Cornouaille from Les Vergers de Kermao in Gouesnac’h recently won a Best in Class award at GLINTCAP.

6) The Spanish administration bans pear cider according to La Sidra. (Viuda de Angelón’s Sidra de Pera is imported to the US by Ciders of Spain.)

7) Cider Chat interviews Oscar Garcia Busto of Sidra Mayador in Asturias. And Cider Press interviews Alan Shapiro of Cider Summit and Mark McTavish of 101 Cider House and Half Pint Ciders.

8) Darlene Hayes writes for Cider Culture on The Impact of GLINTCAP and the Growth of the Cider Industry. Sean Connolly writes about the Portland International Cider Cup in Judgment Day, Cider-Style. And results are announced for the The Big Apple’s Cider and Perry Trials in Herefordshire and CAMRA’s National Cider and Perry Championships in Reading.

9) On tap this weekend: Cider Festival in Rotterdam, the Kellybrook Cider Festival in Greater Melbourne, and the closing of La Semaine du Cidre du Québec and BC Cider Week. On tap soon: A Celebration of the Life of Grant Howes at the County Cider Company (May 13) and Cider Week Colorado & The Pressed Conference in Denver (May 22–28).

10) Along Came a Cider reviews 3 perries in Very Perry May Pt 1Cider Says shares tasting notes from Schilling Cider House Visit 26 and reviews Aspall Dry, Angry Orchard Maple Wooden Sleeper, and Wyder’s Dry Raspberry. Cidercraft reviews Eve’s Cidery Beckhorn Hollow 2014. The Cider Journal reviews Liberty Ciderworks Columbia Crab 2015. I think about cider reviews Francois Sehedic Extra Brut and Sandford Orchards Straw and Oak 2013Sipology reviews Potter’s Farmhouse Ciderdrycider reviews Good Life Cider Funkhouse, Fuchshof Most, Pitchfork Hard Cider, Oliver’s Yarlington MillWayside Cider Dry Town, and Champlain Orchards Russet Pear. CiderScene asks What is Malolactic Fermentation? The Milled Apple reviews ACE Apple Honey, Stem Ciders Remedy Dry Hopped, and Artifact Cider Project Feels Like Home. Cider Society reviews Slyboro La Sainte Terre, Honest Abe Cider, Eden + ANXO Collaboration #3, Indian Ladder Farms Dry, and Blackduck Dry Hopped. cidersense reviews Oliver’s At The Hop #4Cider Explorer reviews F. H. Prager PerryViuda de Angelon 1947, and Dudda’s Tun Cider. And Real Cider Reviews tries Peckham’s Cidery Alex’s Apple Cider, Scoundrels And Rogues Repeat Offender, and Abel Méthode Cider.

Have a great weekend!