California Cider Company

Sebastopol, California, United States

🏆 Best in Class: 0
🥇 Gold: 6
🥈 Silver: 10
🥉 Bronze: 12
Total: 28

First Medal: 2015
Last Medal: 2023
Years: 7
Status: Active

YearMedalist🏆 BIC🥇 Gold🥈 Silver🥉 BronzeTotal
2023California Cider Company01315
2022California Cider Company01135
2021California Cider Company01203
2018California Cider Company01045
2017California Cider Company00235
2016California Cider Company01001
2015California Cider Company01214

2023🥇 GOLDACE GuavaFruit Cider
2023🥈 SILVERACE Blackjack 21Wood Aged Cider
2023🥈 SILVERACE Imperial PeachFruit Cider
2023🥈 SILVERACE PineappleFruit Cider
2023🥉 BRONZEACE PumpkinSpecialty Cider and Perry
2022🥇 GOLDACE High Imperial Apple CiderModern Cider – Dry
2022🥈 SILVERACE Pineapple Craft CiderFruit Cider
2022🥉 BRONZEACE BlackJack 21 Heritage Craft CiderWood Aged Cider
2022🥉 BRONZEACE Guava Craft CiderFruit Cider
2022🥉 BRONZEACE Perry Craft CiderFruit Cider
2021🥇 GOLDACE Guava Craft CiderFruit Cider
2021🥈 SILVERACE BlackJack 21 2021Wood Aged Cider
2021🥈 SILVERACE Mango Craft CiderFruit Cider
2018🥇 GOLDACE spACE Bloody OrangeFruit Cider
2018🥉 BRONZEACE Blackjack 21Wood Aged Cider
2018🥉 BRONZEACE Joker Hard CiderModern Cider – Dry
2018🥉 BRONZEACE Perry Hard CiderFruit Cider
2018🥉 BRONZEACE Pineapple Hard CiderFruit Cider
2017🥈 SILVERAce JokerModern Cider – Dry
2017🥈 SILVERAce spACE Bloody OrangeFruit Cider
2017🥉 BRONZEAce Blackjack 21Wood Aged Cider
2017🥉 BRONZEAce PerryFruit Cider
2017🥉 BRONZEAce Pineapple Craft CiderFruit Cider
2016🥇 GOLDAce Blackjack 21 Wood Aged Cider and Perry
2015🥇 GOLDAce Black Jack 21 Premium Craft Cider Wood Aged Cider and Perry
2015🥈 SILVERAce Perry Hard CiderFruit Cider
2015🥈 SILVERAce Pineapple Hard CiderFruit Cider
2015🥉 BRONZEAce Joker Hard Apple CiderEnglish Cider