GLINTCAP Best in Class Results

2024Shuswap Cider Co.Semi-Sweet AppleModern Cider – Dry1st Place
2024Haykin Family CiderMcIntoshModern Cider – Dry2nd Place
2024Haykin Family CiderStoke RedModern Cider – Dry3rd Place
2024Tandem CidersSmackintoshModern Cider – Sweet1st Place
2024Seattle Cider CompanyHoneycrispModern Cider – Sweet2nd Place
2024Townline CiderworksSweet EliseModern Cider – Sweet3rd Place
2024Weidmann & GrohSpeierlingHeritage Cider – Dry1st Place
2024Empyrical Orchard & CideryLa RaisonHeritage Cider – Dry2nd Place
2024Michigan Wine CompanyNorthern Spy CiderHeritage Cider – Dry3rd Place
2024Snow Capped CiderThe RussetsHeritage Cider – Sweet1st Place
2024Snow Capped CiderGravensteinHeritage Cider – Sweet2nd Place
2024Snow Capped CiderGolden RussetHeritage Cider – Sweet3rd Place
2024Bauman’s CiderKingston Black SVTraditional Cider – Dry1st Place
2024The Cider FarmDabinettTraditional Cider – Dry2nd Place
2024Snow Capped CiderYarlington MillTraditional Cider – Dry3rd Place
2024Haykin Family CiderMarechalTraditional Cider – Sweet1st Place
2024Haykin Family CiderFrench Cider ApplesTraditional Cider – Sweet2nd Place
2024Haykin Family CiderYarlington MillTraditional Cider – Sweet3rd Place
2024ZapiainZapiain Euskal Sagardoa PremiumNatural Cider1st Place
2024ZapiainJoanes de ZapiainNatural Cider2nd Place
2024Sidra TrabancoSidra Trabanco Sobre La MadreNatural Cider3rd Place
2024Suttons Bay CidersRedfieldRosé Cider1st Place
2024Haykin Family CiderMountain RoseRosé Cider2nd Place
2024Alma CiderAlma RoséRosé Cider3rd Place
2024Snow Capped CiderWinter PearModern Perry1st Place
2024Kuhnhenn Brewing Co.PerryModern Perry2nd Place
2024Michigan Wine CompanyPerryModern Perry3rd Place
2024Empyrical Orchard & CideryArchive PerryTraditional Perry1st Place
2024Nashi OrchardsContinental PerryTraditional Perry2nd Place
2024Alma CiderAlma PerryTraditional Perry3rd Place
2024Cider Hill CellarsRaspberry HarvestFruit Cider1st Place
2024Snow Capped CiderPorters & PerryFruit Cider2nd Place
2024FloribundaQuitten Cider Alla CotognaFruit Cider3rd Place
2024Chain Yard CiderHopped UpHopped Cider1st Place
2024Duxbury Cider CompanyTilted BarnHopped Cider2nd Place
2024Gabbie’s Premium CiderCitrus Hopped CiderHopped Cider3rd Place
2024Glacial Till Vineyard & WinerySpruce SpringsteenBotanical Cider1st Place
2024Two Blokes CiderSapphoBotanical Cider2nd Place
2024Jefferson County CiderworksWinter BotanicalBotanical Cider3rd Place
2024Two Blokes CiderScrumpyWood Aged Cider1st Place
2024Townline CiderworksBig JohnWood Aged Cider2nd Place
2024Kristof FarmsKristof Farms Reserve CiderWood Aged Cider3rd Place
2024Empyrical Orchard & CideryInversion ReserveWood Aged Specialty Cider1st Place
2024Sapsucker Farms Yellow Belly CideryYellow Belly Maple Bourbon CiderWood Aged Specialty Cider2nd Place
2024Empyrical Orchard & CideryAbstractWood Aged Specialty Cider3rd Place
2024Heirloom Hill Cider CompanySparkling Honeycrisp RoseSpecialty Cider and Perry1st Place
2024Snow Capped CiderSparkling RoseSpecialty Cider and Perry2nd Place
2024Thornbury Craft Co.Thornbury Wild Blueberry Elderflower Apple CiderSpecialty Cider and Perry3rd Place
2024Annapolis Cider CompanySbagliato SpritzUnlimited Cider and Perry1st Place
2024Annapolis Cider CompanyCranberry MimosaUnlimited Cider and Perry2nd Place
2024Thornbury Craft Co.Thornbury Wild Strawberry Lemonade CiderUnlimited Cider and Perry3rd Place
2024Sidra El GaiteroSidra De Hielo 1898Ice Cider1st Place
2024ZapiainBizi-GoxoIce Cider2nd Place
2024Cidrerie Verger BilodeauNectar De GlaceIce Cider3rd Place
20241911 EstablishedPommeauFortified Cider1st Place
20242 Towns Ciderhouse13th AnniversaryFortified Cider2nd Place
2024Haykin Family CiderAmerican Oak PommeauFortified Cider3rd Place
2024Atlanta Hard Cider Co.American Dry GinSpirits1st Place
2024Thornapple Brewing CompanyApple BrandySpirits2nd Place
2024West End Cider HouseApple BrandySpirits3rd Place
2023Seattle Cider CompanyMcIntosh SVModern Cider – Dry1st Place
2023Tandem CidersCrimson GoldModern Cider – Dry2nd Place
2023Seattle Cider CompanyCity Fruit ’20Modern Cider – Dry3rd Place
2023Bee Well Mead & CiderNorth CiderModern Cider – Sweet1st Place
2023Portland Cider CompanyOriginal GoldModern Cider – Sweet2nd Place
2023Gowan’s Heirloom CidersEstate GravensteinModern Cider – Sweet3rd Place
2023Colorado Cider CompanyGolden RussetHeritage Cider – Dry1st Place
2023Yip CiderGolden DryHeritage Cider – Dry2nd Place
2023Sage Bird CiderworksVirginia Hewes CrabHeritage Cider – Dry3rd Place
20232 Towns Ciderhouse11th AnniversaryHeritage Cider – Sweet1st Place
2023Snow Capped CiderGold RushHeritage Cider – Sweet2nd Place
2023Big Fish Cider Co.ElevationHeritage Cider – Sweet3rd Place
2023Idol Cider HousePomme CrushTraditional Cider – Dry1st Place
2023The Cider FarmAll EnglishTraditional Cider – Dry2nd Place
2023Bauman’s CiderKingston BlackTraditional Cider – Dry3rd Place
2023James Creek Cider HouseStargazer – EtoileTraditional Cider – Sweet1st Place
2023AVAL CiderAVAL BlancTraditional Cider – Sweet2nd Place
20231911 EstablishedLafayetteTraditional Cider – Sweet3rd Place
2023Brooklyn Cider HouseSolsticeNatural Cider1st Place
2023Wildbranch CiderThe SpinneyNatural Cider2nd Place
2023Brooklyn Cider HouseRawNatural Cider3rd Place
2023Suttons Bay CidersNatalie RoseRosé Cider1st Place
2023Tandem CidersBeauty School DropoutRosé Cider2nd Place
2023Bauman’s CiderMountain Rose Single VarietalRosé Cider3rd Place
2023Uncle John’sPerryModern Perry1st Place
2023Seattle Cider CompanyPerryModern Perry2nd Place
2023Colorado Cider CompanyPearsnicketyModern Perry3rd Place
2023AeppelTreow Winery & DistilleryOrchard Oriole PerryTraditional Perry1st Place
2023Empyrical Orchards & CiderPrincipleTraditional Perry2nd Place
2023Finnriver Farm and CideryPerryTraditional Perry3rd Place
2023Salt Spring Wild CiderSaskatoon BerryFruit Cider1st Place
2023Incline Cider CompanyMarionberryFruit Cider2nd Place
2023Empyrical Orchards & CiderInversionFruit Cider3rd Place
2023Mountain West Cider CompanyCottonwoodHopped Cider1st Place
2023Peat’s Original CiderThe Knave: EkuanotHopped Cider2nd Place
20232 Towns CiderhouseHip HopsHopped Cider3rd Place
2023Gypsy CircusApple Butter DrifterBotanical Cider1st Place
2023FloribundaHolunder Cider al SambucoBotanical Cider2nd Place
2023Papa Moon Vineyards & WineryHoney LavenderBotanical Cider3rd Place
2023Angry OrchardBittersweet RunnerWood Aged Cider1st Place
2023Snow Capped CiderBarrel Kingston BlackWood Aged Cider2nd Place
2023Empyrical Orchards & CiderArchiveWood Aged Cider3rd Place
2023Vala’s Orchard CiderBarrel JamWood Aged Specialty Cider1st Place
2023Seattle Cider CompanyGravenstein RoseWood Aged Specialty Cider2nd Place
2023Beach Bee MeaderyChardonnay PearWood Aged Specialty Cider3rd Place
2023Thornbury Craft Co.Thornbury Hopped CranberrySpecialty Cider and Perry1st Place
2023Tandem CidersBee’s DreamSpecialty Cider and Perry2nd Place
2023Thor’s Hard CiderArctic RoséSpecialty Cider and Perry3rd Place
2023Thornbury Craft Co.Thornbury Raspberry ChocolateUnlimited Cider and Perry1st Place
2023Thornbury Craft Co.Thornbury Blood OrangeUnlimited Cider and Perry2nd Place
2023Jefferson County CiderworksGrapefruit LimeUnlimited Cider and Perry3rd Place
2023Cider Hill CellarsWinterIce Cider1st Place
2023Cidrerie MiltonLe GlacéIce Cider2nd Place
2023Cidrerie Verger BilodeauCuvée SpécialeIce Cider3rd Place
2023Montana CiderWorksPomm-OH!Fortified Cider1st Place
20232 Towns CiderhousePommeauFortified Cider2nd Place
2023Red Island CiderPommeau de l’IleFortified Cider3rd Place
2023Uncle John’sApple BrandySpirits1st Place
2023Ambix SpiritsFounder Release 1 Apple BrandySpirits2nd Place
2023Uncle John’sVodka From ApplesSpirits3rd Place
2022City OrchardMr. GreenModern Cider – Dry1st Place
2022Yip CiderOriginalModern Cider – Dry2nd Place
2022Bauman’s CiderEstate GravensteinModern Cider – Dry3rd Place
2022CiderboysFirst PressModern Cider – Sweet1st Place
2022Cider Hill CellarsSummerModern Cider – Sweet2nd Place
2022Brickworks CiderhouseQueen Street 501Modern Cider – Sweet3rd Place
2022Banjo CiderCitizens CiderHeritage Cider – Dry1st Place
2022Salt Spring Wild CiderTraditional Semi-Dry CiderHeritage Cider – Dry2nd Place
2022Kristof FarmsOrchard BlendHeritage Cider – Dry3rd Place
2022Snow Capped CiderGold RushHeritage Cider – Sweet1st Place
2022Haykin Family CiderAshmead’s KernelHeritage Cider – Sweet2nd Place
2022Haykin Family CiderDolgo CrabappleHeritage Cider – Sweet3rd Place
2022Loch Mór Cider Co.Kingston BlackTraditional Cider – Dry1st Place
2022Loch Mór Cider Co.Yarlington MillTraditional Cider – Dry2nd Place
2022Noble CiderFrench Cidre – Lewis Creek Orchard ReserveTraditional Cider – Dry3rd Place
2022Cornish Cider CompanyHCRBS 2019Traditional Cider – Sweet1st Place
2022Snowdrift Cider Co.Kingston BlackTraditional Cider – Sweet2nd Place
2022Virtue CiderDabinettTraditional Cider – Sweet3rd Place
2022Sidra MayadorM.Busto Natural CiderNatural Cider1st Place
2022Windswept Orchard CiderCommunity HarvestNatural Cider2nd Place
2022ANXO CiderSidra NaturalNatural Cider3rd Place
2022Wooden Gate CiderOrchard QueenRosé Cider1st Place
2022Thor’s Hard CiderArctic RoséRosé Cider2nd Place
2022Cidrerie MiltonCid RoséRosé Cider3rd Place
2022Arsenal Cider HouseAlfred’s Pear SonModern Perry1st Place
2022Ernest CiderPearfectly PearedModern Perry2nd Place
2022Door Peninsula WineryPerryModern Perry3rd Place
2022AeppelTreow Winery & DistilleryOrchard Oriole PerryTraditional Perry1st Place
2022Empyrical Orchards & CiderPyriformTraditional Perry2nd Place
2022Salt Spring Wild CiderPear CiderTraditional Perry3rd Place
2022Rootstock CiderworksPlumFruit Cider1st Place
2022Tieton Cider WorksCranberryFruit Cider2nd Place
2022Bauman’s CiderBoysenberry LemonadeFruit Cider3rd Place
2022Peat’s Original CiderThe Knave: ZappaHopped Cider1st Place
2022Island Orchard CiderHopped Brut AppleHopped Cider2nd Place
2022Bridgehouse CiderHoppin FrogHopped Cider3rd Place
2022Jefferson County CiderworksWinter BotanicalBotanical Cider1st Place
2022Jefferson County CiderworksHibiscus RoseBotanical Cider2nd Place
2022Millionaires’ Row Cider Co.Makin’ A MintBotanical Cider3rd Place
2022Bent LadderBlack GoldWood Aged Cider1st Place
2022Snow Capped CiderBlanc MolletWood Aged Cider2nd Place
2022Duluth CiderBig GeorgeWood Aged Cider3rd Place
2022West Avenue CiderMidnight in BruxellesWood Aged Specialty Cider1st Place
2022Gowan’s Heirloom CidersRosé CiderWood Aged Specialty Cider2nd Place
2022Bauman’s CiderBourbon Barrel VanillaWood Aged Specialty Cider3rd Place
2022Eris Brewery & Cider HouseBerri MintSpecialty Cider and Perry1st Place
2022Snow Capped CiderPlum & LemongrassSpecialty Cider and Perry2nd Place
2022Brooklyn Cider HouseRoséSpecialty Cider and Perry3rd Place
2022Starcut CidersPulsarUnlimited Cider and Perry1st Place
2022Angry OrchardCrisp AppleUnlimited Cider and Perry2nd Place
2022Starcut CidersOctorockUnlimited Cider and Perry3rd Place
2022Eden CidersHeirloom Blend Ice Cider 2018Ice Cider1st Place
2022Two K Farms2020 Heirloom IceIce Cider2nd Place
2022Fraser Valley Cider CompanyIce CiderIce Cider3rd Place
2022Uncle John’sApple Dessert WineFortified Cider1st Place
2022Deep Roots Hard CiderHoney PommeauFortified Cider2nd Place
2022Tandem CidersPomonaFortified Cider3rd Place
2022Uncle John’sApple BrandySpirits1st Place
2022Atlanta Hard Cider Co.American Apple Brandy Eau De VieSpirits2nd Place
2022Uncle John’sVodka From ApplesSpirits3rd Place
2021Vander MillHard AppleModern Cider – Dry1st Place
2021Tandem CidersGreen ManModern Cider – Dry2nd Place
2021EsoTerra CiderworksThe Last StandModern Cider – Dry3rd Place
2021Haykin Family CiderMcIntoshModern Cider – Sweet1st Place
2021Ragged and Right Cider ProjectFirst Pick GravensteinModern Cider – Sweet2nd Place
2021Northville Winery and Brewing CompanyRockin’ CockModern Cider – Sweet3rd Place
2021Albemarle CiderWorks1817Heritage Cider – Dry1st Place
2021EsoTerra CiderworksTessanoHeritage Cider – Dry2nd Place
2021Loch Mór Cider Co.Savvy Pomme SparklingHeritage Cider – Dry3rd Place
2021Snow Capped CiderHarrisonHeritage Cider – Sweet1st Place
2021Bee Well Mead & CiderHarrisonHeritage Cider – Sweet2nd Place
2021Snow Capped CiderGold RushHeritage Cider – Sweet3rd Place
2021Twin Pines Orchards & Cider HouseHammer Bent Old WorldTraditional Cider – Dry1st Place
2021Presque Isle Farm CiderFarmhouseTraditional Cider – Dry2nd Place
2021Stormalong CiderBittersweet SymphonieTraditional Cider – Dry3rd Place
2021Celtic MarchesAbrahalls VintageTraditional Cider – Sweet1st Place
2021Celtic MarchesPulp Apple CiderTraditional Cider – Sweet2nd Place
2021Heeman’sNew TraditionsTraditional Cider – Sweet3rd Place
2021Sidra MayadorM. Busto Natural CiderNatural Cider1st Place
2021Wildbranch CiderThe SpinneyNatural Cider2nd Place
2021Brooklyn Cider HouseRawNatural Cider3rd Place
2021Dead Horse Cider Co.Life is RoséRosé Cider1st Place
2021Bauman’s CiderMountain RoseRosé Cider2nd Place
2021Haykin Family CiderMethode Ancestrale Masonville Orchards RoséRosé Cider3rd Place
2021Verger Belliveau OrchardSCOW Pear CiderModern Perry1st Place
2021Sidewood EstateSidewood Pear CiderModern Perry2nd Place
2021Uncle John’sPerryModern Perry3rd Place
2021Once Upon A TreePerryTraditional Perry1st Place
2021Clear Fork CiderFeral PearTraditional Perry2nd Place
2021Colorado Cider CompanyPagetree PerryTraditional Perry3rd Place
2021Northville Winery and Brewing CompanyCrimson DewFruit Cider1st Place
2021Scenic Road Cider Co.RazzFruit Cider2nd Place
2021Thornbury Craft Co.Cranberry Apple CiderFruit Cider3rd Place
2021Bee Well Mead & CiderSpy vs CitraHopped Cider1st Place
2021Valley Cider CompanyHumulus LupulusHopped Cider2nd Place
2021Michigan Wine CompanyGrant Twp Hop CiderHopped Cider3rd Place
2021Threadbare CiderBouquet de RoséBotanical Cider1st Place
2021Seattle Cider CompanyBasil MintBotanical Cider2nd Place
2021Stem CidersHibiscusBotanical Cider3rd Place
2021Alma CiderAlma Wood AgedWood Aged Cider1st Place
2021Stoic CiderMeditationsWood Aged Cider2nd Place
2021Two Broads CiderworksFrostWood Aged Cider3rd Place
2021Gowan’s Heirloom CidersPinot Rosé CiderWood Aged Specialty Cider1st Place
2021Bauman’s CiderBourbon VanillaWood Aged Specialty Cider2nd Place
2021Cambium Cider CoThe Barber SleuthWood Aged Specialty Cider3rd Place
2021Bauman’s CiderStrawberry MojitoSpecialty Cider and Perry1st Place
2021Blake’s Hard Cider Co.Imperial GoldSpecialty Cider and Perry2nd Place
2021Snow Capped CiderRockies RoséSpecialty Cider and Perry3rd Place
2021Starcut CidersPulsarUnlimited Cider and Perry1st Place
2021Vermont Cider CompanyMagners Original Irish CiderUnlimited Cider and Perry2nd Place
2021Crispin Cider CompanyCrispin Pacific PearUnlimited Cider and Perry3rd Place
2021Ragged Hill CiderIce CiderIce Cider1st Place
2021Eden CidersNorthern Spy Ice CiderIce Cider2nd Place
2021Sidra El Gaitero1898 Ice CiderIce Cider3rd Place
2021Cidrerie Verger BilodeauFascinationFortified Cider1st Place
2021Loch Mór Cider Co.Barrel Aged PommeauFortified Cider2nd Place
2021Rootstock CiderworksPommeauFortified Cider3rd Place
2021Winery at Black Star FarmsSpirit of PearSpirits1st Place
2021Uncle John’sApple BrandySpirits2nd Place
2021Winery at Black Star FarmsSpirit of AppleSpirits3rd Place
2019Gowan’s Heirloom CidersMacintoshModern Cider – Dry1st Place
2019Coffin Ridge Boutique WineryForbidden Dry CiderModern Cider – Dry2nd Place
2019Haykin Family CiderAkaneModern Cider – Dry3rd Place
2019Gowan’s Heirloom CidersGravensteinModern Cider – Sweet1st Place
2019Cidrerie du MinotCrémant de pommeModern Cider – Sweet2nd Place
2019Haykin Family CiderKarmijn de SonnavilleModern Cider – Sweet3rd Place
2019Black Diamond CiderSomerset JerseyHeritage Cider – Dry1st Place
2019Bauman’s CiderClyde’s DryHeritage Cider – Dry2nd Place
2019Salt Spring Wild CiderSalt Spring Wild Cider Semi-DryHeritage Cider – Dry3rd Place
2019Sierra CiderEarly HarvestHeritage Cider – Sweet1st Place
2019Tieton Cider WorksBlossom Nectar CiderHeritage Cider – Sweet2nd Place
2019Black Diamond CiderHicksterHeritage Cider – Sweet3rd Place
2019Nashi OrchardsIdyll Acres CiderTraditional Cider – Dry1st Place
2019Dunkertons Cider and PerryDunkertons Black Fox CiderTraditional Cider – Dry2nd Place
2019Spoke + Spy Ciderworkskingston blackTraditional Cider – Dry3rd Place
2019Hogan’s CiderLibertineTraditional Cider – Sweet1st Place
2019Renaissance OrchardsKeeved Cider 2018 (Cidre Bouché)Traditional Cider – Sweet2nd Place
2019Renaissance OrchardsKeeved Cider 2017 (Cidre Bouché)Traditional Cider – Sweet3rd Place
2019BarrikaBarrika Basque Country CiderNatural Cider1st Place
2019Sidra TrabancoSidra Trabanco DOP SeleccionadaNatural Cider2nd Place
2019Bee Well Mead & CiderOver The HillNatural Cider3rd Place
2019Cidrerie MiltonCid RoséRosé Cider1st Place
2019Champlain OrchardsRedfieldRosé Cider2nd Place
2019Lost Giants Cider CompanyRoseRosé Cider3rd Place
2019EdenVale WineryEden Valley Orchards Pear House CiderModern Perry1st Place
2019Sidewood EstateSidewood Pear CiderModern Perry2nd Place
2019Scenic Road Cider Co.PearyModern Perry3rd Place
2019Oliver’s Cider and PerryClassic PerryTraditional Perry1st Place
2019Dragon’s Head CiderSparkling PerryTraditional Perry2nd Place
2019Finnriver Farm and CideryPerryTraditional Perry3rd Place
2019Apple Valley Cider CompanyBlack CurrantFruit Cider1st Place
2019Thor’s Hard CiderDry CranberryFruit Cider2nd Place
2019Meriwether Cider CompanyBlackberry BoomFruit Cider3rd Place
2019Meriwether Cider CompanyHopshotHopped Cider1st Place
2019Bee Well Mead & CiderSpy vs. CitraHopped Cider2nd Place
2019Twisted Hills Craft CiderPacific GemHopped Cider3rd Place
2019Urban Tree Hard CiderHabanero HazeSpiced Cider1st Place
2019Pux CiderWhippersnapperSpiced Cider2nd Place
2019Threadbare CiderBouquet de RoséSpiced Cider3rd Place
2019Seattle Cider CompanyGravenstein RoséWood Aged Cider1st Place
2019Seattle Cider CompanyWinesap RoséWood Aged Cider2nd Place
2019Upper Left ApplesOaked AppleWood Aged Cider3rd Place
2019Vander MillBadass PerryWood Aged Specialty Cider1st Place
2019Elk Horn Brewery & CiderhousePinot PerryWood Aged Specialty Cider2nd Place
2019Northville Winery and Brewing CompanyEl CadejoWood Aged Specialty Cider3rd Place
2019Coffin Ridge Boutique WineryMaple RosemarySpecialty Cider and Perry1st Place
2019Tieton Cider WorksLavender Honey CiderSpecialty Cider and Perry2nd Place
2019Salt Spring Wild CiderBitter Orange RosemarySpecialty Cider and Perry3rd Place
2019Crispin Cider CompanyPacific PearUnlimited Cider and Perry1st Place
2019Bold Rock Hard CiderCarolina AppleUnlimited Cider and Perry2nd Place
2019Vermont Cider CompanyWyder’s PearUnlimited Cider and Perry3rd Place
2019Cidrerie MiltonLe GlacéIce Cider1st Place
2019Cidrerie du MinotCrémant de GlaceIce Cider2nd Place
2019Eden CidersHeirloom Blend 2015Ice Cider3rd Place
2019Cidrerie du MinotDu Minot DoréFortified Cider1st Place
2019Urban Tree Hard CiderPommeauFortified Cider2nd Place
2019Castle Hill CiderSunday Muse PortFortified Cider3rd Place
2019Uncle John’sApple BrandySpirits1st Place
2019Winery at Black Star FarmsSpirit of PearSpirits2nd Place
2019Winery at Black Star FarmsSpirit of AppleSpirits3rd Place
2018Arsenal Cider HouseArsenal Gold RushModern Cider – Dry1st Place
2018Bulwark CiderBulwark Original CiderModern Cider – Dry2nd Place
2018Gowan’s Heirloom CidersGowan’s Macintosh CiderModern Cider – Dry3rd Place
2018Cider Hill CellarsSummerModern Cider – Sweet1st Place
2018Northville Winery and Brewing CompanyRockin’ CockModern Cider – Sweet2nd Place
2018Haykin Family CiderSansaModern Cider – Sweet3rd Place
2018Big Fish Cider Co.Wild MeadowHeritage Cider – Dry1st Place
2018Twisted Hills Craft CiderPippin’s FateHeritage Cider – Dry2nd Place
2018Black Diamond CiderSlateStoneHeritage Cider – Dry3rd Place
2018Black Diamond CiderHicksterHeritage Cider – Sweet1st Place
2018Haykin Family CiderScarlet SurpriseHeritage Cider – Sweet2nd Place
2018Sierra CiderEarly HarvestHeritage Cider – Sweet3rd Place
2018Sea Cider Farm & CiderhouseWild EnglishTraditional Cider – Dry1st Place
2018Methow Valley CiderhouseFoxTraditional Cider – Dry2nd Place
2018Dunkertons Cider and PerryBreakwells Seedling CiderTraditional Cider – Dry3rd Place
2018Ferme de RomillyCidre de Normandie 2015 Demi-secTraditional Cider – Sweet1st Place
2018Ferme de RomillyCidre de Normandie 2015 BrutTraditional Cider – Sweet2nd Place
2018Ferme de RomillyCidre de Normandie 2015 DouxTraditional Cider – Sweet3rd Place
2018Sidra FanjulFanjul Sidra NaturalNatural Cider1st Place
2018BarrikaBarrika Basque Country Cider 2017Natural Cider2nd Place
2018Sidra MayadorM. Busto Sidra NaturalNatural Cider3rd Place
2018Gowan’s Heirloom CidersPerryModern Perry1st Place
2018Sidewood EstateSidewood Pear CiderModern Perry2nd Place
2018Uncle John’sPerryModern Perry3rd Place
2018Hogan’s CiderVintage PerryTraditional Perry1st Place
2018Oliver’s Cider and PerryBottle Conditioned PerryTraditional Perry2nd Place
2018AeppelTreow Winery & DistilleryOrchard Oriole PerryTraditional Perry3rd Place
2018Bull City CiderworksCherry TartFruit Cider1st Place
2018Twisted Hills Craft CiderTangled RoseFruit Cider2nd Place
2018Bauman’s CiderLoganberry CiderFruit Cider3rd Place
2018C Squared CidersEllaHopped Cider1st Place
2018Citizen CiderThe Full NelsonHopped Cider2nd Place
2018Meriwether Cider CompanyHopshotHopped Cider3rd Place
2018Grey & Gold CiderSpruce of the BruceSpiced Cider1st Place
2018C Squared CidersCuhlSpiced Cider2nd Place
2018Suttons Bay CidersI Spy GingerSpiced Cider3rd Place
2018Bull City CiderworksSlow RyedWood Aged Cider1st Place
2018Donovan Orchards Estate CidersBuffalo BluegrassWood Aged Cider2nd Place
2018Cidrerie MiltonCuivré fût de chêneWood Aged Cider3rd Place
2018Eden CidersThe FalstaffWood Aged Specialty Cider1st Place
2018Seattle Cider CompanyRed Wine Barrel Aged BerryWood Aged Specialty Cider2nd Place
2018Big Fish Cider Co.Monterey MapleWood Aged Specialty Cider3rd Place
2018Chateau MorrisetteCherry GingerSpecialty Cider and Perry1st Place
2018Uncle John’sThe Blossom BlendSpecialty Cider and Perry2nd Place
2018Meriwether Cider CompanyApricot SageSpecialty Cider and Perry3rd Place
2018Vermont Cider CompanyWyder’s PearUnlimited Cider and Perry1st Place
2018Vermont Cider CompanyWoodchuck Semi-DryUnlimited Cider and Perry2nd Place
2018Vermont Cider CompanyMagners OriginalUnlimited Cider and Perry3rd Place
2018Twin Pines Orchards & Cider HouseTwin Pines Orchards Ice CiderIce Cider1st Place
2018Cidrerie MiltonLe GlacéIce Cider2nd Place
2018Cidrerie du MinotDes Glaces – Récolte Hivernale IGP 2014Ice Cider3rd Place
2018Vergers de VeloursLes belles du LacFortified Cider1st Place
2018Stem CidersPommeauFortified Cider2nd Place
2018Cold Hand WineryMalus X – Feminam 2015Fortified Cider3rd Place
2018Uncle John’sApple BrandySpirits1st Place
2018Ferme de RomillyVergers de Romilly CalvadosSpirits2nd Place
2018AeppelTreow Winery & DistilleryApple Brandy – CaskSpirits3rd Place
2017Red Rover Craft CiderSummer CiderModern Cider – Dry1st Place
2017Starcut CidersPulsarModern Cider – Dry2nd Place
2017Jaanihanso CiderSEC 2015 Methode TraditionnelleModern Cider – Dry3rd Place
2017Haykin Family CiderEsopus SpitzenburgModern Cider – Sweet1st Place
2017Blue Toad Hard CiderROC Hard AmberModern Cider – Sweet2nd Place
2017Bulwark CiderBulwark Original CiderModern Cider – Sweet3rd Place
2017Slake CiderSummer SetHeritage Cider – Dry1st Place
2017Snow Capped CiderCider Makers ReserveHeritage Cider – Dry2nd Place
2017Snow Capped Cider6130′ DryHeritage Cider – Dry3rd Place
2017Grey & Gold CiderNorthern GoldHeritage Cider – Sweet1st Place
2017Sierra CiderDry Summer BlendHeritage Cider – Sweet2nd Place
2017Maiden Rock Winery & CideryCrabbyHeritage Cider – Sweet3rd Place
2017Dunkertons Cider and PerryDunkertons Dry Organic CiderTraditional Cider – Dry1st Place
2017Angry OrchardOval NouveauTraditional Cider – Dry2nd Place
2017Angry OrchardFirst FloraTraditional Cider – Dry3rd Place
2017Les Vergers de KermaoCidre AOP Cornouaille Kermao Traditional Cider – Sweet1st Place
2017Dragon’s Head CiderTraditional CiderTraditional Cider – Sweet2nd Place
2017Donovan Orchards Estate CidersBlack Rock – Kingston BlackTraditional Cider – Sweet3rd Place
2017Sidra FanjulFanjul Sidra NaturalSour Cider1st Place
2017Sidra TrabancoCosecha PropiaSour Cider2nd Place
2017Sidra RiestraSidra Natural RiestraSour Cider3rd Place
2017Elk Horn Brewery & CiderhousePerryModern Perry1st Place
2017Uncle John’sPerryModern Perry2nd Place
2017Snowdrift Cider Co.Seckel PerryModern Perry3rd Place
2017Le Père JulesPoiré de NormandieTraditional Perry1st Place
2017Dragon’s Head CiderPerryTraditional Perry2nd Place
2017Dunkertons Cider and PerryDunkertons Organic PerryTraditional Perry3rd Place
2017Toboggan Brewing Co.Rhubarb CiderFruit Cider1st Place
2017Annapolis Cider CompanyMuscat InfusionFruit Cider2nd Place
2017Avid CiderDragonfruitFruit Cider3rd Place
2017Jaanihanso CiderHopped Dry CiderHopped Cider1st Place
2017Citizen CiderCitra StarHopped Cider2nd Place
2017Stem CidersHopped Apple CiderHopped Cider3rd Place
2017Finnriver Farm and CiderySolstice SaffronSpiced Cider1st Place
2017C Squared CidersGingerSpiced Cider2nd Place
2017Seattle Cider CompanyGin BotanicalSpiced Cider3rd Place
2017Cidrerie MiltonCuivré fût de chêneWood Aged Cider1st Place
2017Angry OrchardWooden SleeperWood Aged Cider2nd Place
2017Maiden Rock Winery & CideryGolden RussetWood Aged Cider3rd Place
2017Eden CidersOrleans HerbalSpecialty Cider and Perry1st Place
2017Red Rover Craft CiderBarrel Reserve #2Specialty Cider and Perry2nd Place
2017Annapolis Cider CompanyHopped PearSpecialty Cider and Perry3rd Place
2017Vermont Cider CompanyWoodchuck AmberUnlimited Cider and Perry1st Place
2017Vermont Cider CompanyGumption OriginalUnlimited Cider and Perry2nd Place
2017Adams Cider CompanyDevils Bit Mountain CiderUnlimited Cider and Perry3rd Place
2017Cidrerie du MinotDes Glaces IGP 2014Ice Cider1st Place
2017Cidrerie du MinotCrémant de GlaceIce Cider2nd Place
2017Cidrerie MiltonLe GlacéIce Cider3rd Place
2017Black Diamond CiderPorter’s PommeauFortified Cider1st Place
20172 Towns Ciderhouse2014 PommeauFortified Cider2nd Place
2017Cidrerie du MinotDu Minot DoréFortified Cider3rd Place
2017Uncle John’sApple BrandySpirits1st Place
2017Le Père JulesCalvados Pays d’Auge 3 ans d’âgeSpirits2nd Place
2017Corey Lake OrchardsPear BrandySpirits3rd Place
2016Cidrerie MiltonCID RoséNew World Modern Cider1st Place
2016Eden Ciders2015 Semi Dry Sparkling CiderNew World Heritage Cider1st Place
2016Big Fish Cider Co.Allegheny GoldNew World Heritage Cider2nd Place
2016Snowdrift Cider Co.CorniceOld World Cider1st Place
2016Sidra MayadorMayador Sidra NaturalOld World Cider2nd Place
2016Domaine des 5 DCidrerie Daufresne PoiréPerry1st Place
2016Uncle John’sApple ApricotFruit Cider1st Place
2016Square Mile CiderSpur & VineHopped/Herbal Cider1st Place
2016West Avenue CiderWild OakWood Aged Cider1st Place
2016West Avenue CiderBleuet SauvageSpecialty1st Place
2016Talisman Farm CideryiCiderIntensified and Distilled1st Place
2016Le Père JulesPommeau de NormandieIntensified and Distilled2nd Place
2015Eden CidersEden Sparkling Semi-Dry CiderStandard Cider & Perry1st Place
2015Liberty CiderworksStonewallSpecialty Cider & Perry1st Place
2015Snowdrift Cider Co.Semi DrySpecialty Cider & Perry2nd Place
2015Westcott Bay CiderWestcott Bay PommeauIntensified and Distilled1st Place
2015Cidrerie Entre Pierre & TerreIce PerryIntensified and Distilled2nd Place
2014Twin Pines Orchards & Cider HouseHammer Bent RedStandard/Specialty/Unlimited1st Place
2014Hogan’s CiderHogan’s Vintage Perry 2010Standard/Specialty/Unlimited2nd Place
2014Eden CidersEden Heirloom Blend 2012Intensified and Distilled1st Place
2014Colorado Cider CompanyDistractionIntensified and Distilled2nd Place
2013Wandering Aengus CiderworksBloom CiderStandard/Specialty/Unlimited1st Place
2013Finnriver Farm and CideryFire BarrelStandard/Specialty/Unlimited2nd Place
2013Eden CidersWindfall Orchard 2011Intensified and Distilled1st Place
2012Hogan’s CiderHogan’s Medium CiderStandard/Specialty/Unlimited1st Place
2012Left Foot CharleyRelic Hard CiderStandard/Specialty/Unlimited2nd Place
2012Eden CidersEden Barrel-Aged Northern SpyIntensified and Distilled1st Place
2012Uncle John’sApple BrandyIntensified and Distilled2nd Place
2011Hogan’s CiderHogan’s Dry CiderStandard/Specialty/Unlimited1st Place
2011Tideview CiderHeritage Dry Cider 2007Standard/Specialty/Unlimited2nd Place
2011County Cider CompanyCHOA Ice CiderIntensified and Distilled1st Place
2011Winery at Black Star FarmsSpirit of PearIntensified and Distilled2nd Place
2009Uncle John’sUncle John’s Hard CiderBest of Show1st Place
2009Warwick Valley Winery & DistilleryAmerican Fruits Apple LiqueurBest of Show2nd Place
2008Westcott Bay CiderTraditional Semi SweetBest of Show1st Place
2008Slyboro CiderhouseOld Sin / Original CiderBest of Show2nd Place
2007Tulip Valley Vineyard & OrchardBurro Loco CiderBest of Show1st Place
2006Uncle John’sApple Dessert WineBest of Show1st Place
2006Mcintosh CellarsGolden HarvestBest of Show2nd Place
2006Winery at Black Star FarmsSpirit of Pear Eau DeVieBest of Show2nd Place
2005Uncle John’sFarm House PerryBest of Show1st Place