Donovan Orchards Estate Ciders

Barker, New York, United States

🏆 Best in Class: 2
🥇 Gold: 0
🥈 Silver: 21
🥉 Bronze: 18
Total: 41

First Medal: 2012
Last Medal: 2023
Years: 11
Status: Active

YearMedalist🏆 BIC🥇 Gold🥈 Silver🥉 BronzeTotal
2023Donovan Orchards Estate Ciders00213
2022Donovan Orchards Estate Ciders00134
2021Donovan Orchards Estate Ciders00123
2019Donovan Orchards Estate Ciders00213
2018Donovan Orchards Estate Ciders10124
2017Donovan Orchards Estate Ciders10203
2016Donovan Orchards Estate Ciders00235
2015Donovan Orchards Estate Ciders00235
2014Donovan Orchards Estate Ciders00303
2013Donovan Orchards Estate Ciders00426
2012Donovan Orchards Estate Ciders00112

2023🥈 SILVERNew England Style CiderSpecialty Cider and Perry
2023🥈 SILVERTart Cherry PerrySpecialty Cider and Perry
2023🥉 BRONZEField BlendFruit Cider
2022🥈 SILVERField BlendFruit Cider
2022🥉 BRONZEBlack Rock Kingston BlackTraditional Cider – Dry
2022🥉 BRONZEDabinett Dry HeritageTraditional Cider – Dry
2022🥉 BRONZEGhost LanternBotanical Cider
2021🥈 SILVERBuffalo BluegrassWood Aged Cider
2021🥉 BRONZEChandler Street CherryFruit Cider
2021🥉 BRONZERed Barn Farm StyleModern Cider – Sweet
2019🥈 SILVERDabinett Heritage CiderHeritage Cider – Dry
2019🥈 SILVERWhite Hurricane – Gin Barrel AgedWood Aged Cider
2019🥉 BRONZEBuffalo Bluegrass Kentucky Barrel Aged CiderWood Aged Cider
2018🏆 BEST IN CLASSBuffalo BluegrassWood Aged Cider2nd Place
2018🥈 SILVERRed Barn Farm StyleModern Cider – Sweet
2018🥉 BRONZEDry-Oak AgedWood Aged Cider
2018🥉 BRONZENew England Style CiderWood Aged Specialty Cider
2017🏆 BEST IN CLASSBlack Rock – Kingston BlackTraditional Cider – Sweet3rd Place
2017🥈 SILVERDabinett English StyleTraditional Cider – Dry
2017🥈 SILVERNew England Style CiderSpecialty Cider and Perry
2016🥈 SILVERBuffalo Bluegrass – Kentucky Barrel Aged Wood Aged Cider and Perry
2016🥈 SILVERDabinett English Style CiderEnglish Cider
2016🥉 BRONZEChristmas CiderSpiced Cider
2016🥉 BRONZEEstate Reserve Modern Cider
2016🥉 BRONZEOrganic Oak Aged Dry CiderWood Aged Cider and Perry
2015🥈 SILVERDabinett English Style CiderEnglish Cider
2015🥈 SILVERRed Barn Farm Style Modern Cider
2015🥉 BRONZEBlackBird Christmas CiderSpiced Cider
2015🥉 BRONZENew England Style New England Cider
2015🥉 BRONZESemi Sweet Organic CiderHeritage Cider
2014🥈 SILVERDabinett English Style CiderEnglish Cider
2014🥈 SILVERNew England Style CiderNew England Cider
2014🥈 SILVERRed Barn Farm Style CiderNew World Cider
2013🥈 SILVERBlackBird New England CiderNew England Cider
2013🥈 SILVERClassic Wood Aged CiderWood Aged Cider and Perry
2013🥈 SILVEROrganic Dry CiderNew World Cider
2013🥈 SILVEROrganic Sweet CiderNew World Cider
2013🥉 BRONZEDabinett English Style CiderEnglish Cider
2013🥉 BRONZEOrganic Semi Sweet New World Cider
2012🥈 SILVERDabinett CiderEnglish Cider
2012🥉 BRONZEOrganic Oak Aged CiderWood Aged Cider and Perry