Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider

Portland, Oregon, United States

🏆 Best in Class: 0
🥇 Gold: 2
🥈 Silver: 5
🥉 Bronze: 8
Total: 15

First Medal: 2013
Last Medal: 2016
Years: 4
Status: Inactive

YearMedalist🏆 BIC🥇 Gold🥈 Silver🥉 BronzeTotal
2016Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider01012
2015Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider00246
2014Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider01124
2013Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider00213

2016🥇 GOLDSacrilege Sour CherryFruit Cider
2016🥉 BRONZENew Moon MandarinFruit Cider
2015🥈 SILVERLorrie’s GoldEnglish Cider
2015🥈 SILVERSacrilege Sour CherryFruit Cider
2015🥉 BRONZEHallelujah HopricotSpecialty Cider and Perry
2015🥉 BRONZEProvidence Traditional New EnglandNew England Cider
2015🥉 BRONZERevival Hard AppleSpecialty Cider and Perry
2015🥉 BRONZEThe Reverend’s Bourbon-Barrel Beermongers Birthday BlendWood Aged Cider and Perry
2014🥇 GOLDRevival DryNew World Cider
2014🥈 SILVERHallelujah HopricotSpecialty Cider and Perry
2014🥉 BRONZELorrie’s GoldEnglish Cider
2014🥉 BRONZERevelation Newtown PippinNew World Cider
2013🥈 SILVERReverend Nat’s Kingston BlackEnglish Cider
2013🥈 SILVERReverend Nat’s Providence Traditional New EnglandNew England Cider
2013🥉 BRONZEReverend Nat’s Revelation Newtown PippinNew World Cider