Cider News – September 18, 2015


Here’s a recap of cider happenings from the past week:

1) Pete Brown and Bill Bradshaw tease their new documentary project: The Cider Hunters.

2) Two new books: Cider Made Simple by Jeff Alworth and Craft Cider by Jeff Smith.

3) Virtue Cider sells majority share to AB InBev. Greg Hall shares his thoughts in this interview.

4) The 5th Annual Washington Cider Week and 6th Annual Cider Summit Seattle are huge successes. Here’s an excellent recap of favorite ciders from Cider Summit. (Did you see my handy taster’s guide?)

5) On tap this weekend: LA Cider Fest and the Mendocino County Fair & Apple Show.

6) The Ultimate Guide to Cider is a fantastic 5-minute video from The Ciderologist.

7) Online retailer SHIPCider launches. Features a broad selection of Pacific Northwest ciders and hard-to-find imports.

8) Judging for the 2016 Good Food Awards was held in San Francisco. Cider now has its own category apart from beer. Here’s a quick overview of the eligibility criteria.

9) NYC’s Foraged Fruit Makes the Best Cider. A bold claim? Sample the results at Wassail next spring.

10) Glenfiddich purchases barrels from Somerset Cider Brandy to mature their whisky. (In case you missed it, Burrow Hill also launched an ice cider earlier this year.)

That’s all. Have a great weekend!