Cider Summit Seattle Taster’s Guide

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Headed to Cider Summit Seattle at South Lake Union? You’ll want this handy taster’s guide.

Seattle Cider Summit Taster’s Guide [PDF]

Much of what makes a tasting festival exciting is the serendipity of discovery. But this taster’s guide organizes the products by style…I’ve grouped all the hopped ciders together, all the fruit ciders together, and so on. It’s an apples-to-apples style guide rather than an alphabetical guide. The numbers that precede each product is the table number at which you can find it.

Even if you won’t be at Cider Summit Seattle, I’m interested in your feedback on my attempt to categorize the many different types of cider into a coherent structure.

And if you haven’t listened to my interview with Alan Shapiro—organizer of the Cider Summit festivals, give it a listen or read the transcript.