Big B’s Hard Cider

Hotchkiss, Colorado, United States

🏆 Best in Class: 0
🥇 Gold: 1
🥈 Silver: 15
🥉 Bronze: 16
Total: 32

First Medal: 2013
Last Medal: 2019
Years: 7
Status: Active

YearMedalist🏆 BIC🥇 Gold🥈 Silver🥉 BronzeTotal
2019Big B’s Hard Cider00336
2018Big B’s Hard Cider00426
2017Big B’s Hard Cider00257
2016Big B’s Hard Cider01203
2015Big B’s Hard Cider00257
2014Big B’s Hard Cider00112
2013Big B’s Hard Cider00101

2019🥈 SILVERBourbon Barrel Aged PommeauFortified Cider
2019🥈 SILVERHarry Masters JerseyHeritage Cider – Dry
2019🥈 SILVERSaison Grand CruSpiced Cider
2019🥉 BRONZEGrizzly BrandWood Aged Cider
2019🥉 BRONZEHarvest AppleModern Cider – Sweet
2019🥉 BRONZEOrchard OriginalHeritage Cider – Dry
2018🥈 SILVERBourbon Barrel Aged PommeauFortified Cider
2018🥈 SILVERLazy DazeFruit Cider
2018🥈 SILVEROrchard OriginalHeritage Cider – Dry
2018🥈 SILVERSnow DazeSpiced Cider
2018🥉 BRONZECherry DazeFruit Cider
2018🥉 BRONZESaison Grand CruSpiced Cider
2017🥈 SILVERGrizzly BrandWood Aged Cider
2017🥈 SILVEROrchard OriginalHeritage Cider – Dry
2017🥉 BRONZEBourbon Barrel Aged PommeauFortified Cider
2017🥉 BRONZEHarvest AppleModern Cider – Sweet
2017🥉 BRONZELazy Daze LemonFruit Cider
2017🥉 BRONZEPear SupplyFruit Cider
2017🥉 BRONZESnow DazeSpiced Cider
2016🥇 GOLDChester Hoppearcot Specialty Cider and Perry
2016🥈 SILVERBourbon Barrel Aged Pommeau Pommeau
2016🥈 SILVEROne Night Fruit Stand Specialty Cider and Perry
2015🥈 SILVERBourbon Barrel Pommeau Pommeau
2015🥈 SILVERGrizzly Brand Wood Aged Cider and Perry
2015🥉 BRONZECherry Daze Fruit Cider
2015🥉 BRONZEChester HoppearCot Specialty Cider and Perry
2015🥉 BRONZEHarvest Apple Modern Cider
2015🥉 BRONZEOrchard Original Heritage Cider
2015🥉 BRONZEPear Supply Fruit Cider
2014🥈 SILVERHarvest Apple (Organic) New World Cider
2014🥉 BRONZEBourbon Barrel Aged Pommeau Pommeau
2013🥈 SILVERHard Apple Cider New World Cider