GLINTCAP 2005 Commercial Results

Total Entries: 45
Total Medals: 20

🏆 Best in Class: 1
🥇 Gold: 6
🥈 Silver: 6
🥉 Bronze: 7

🏆 Best in Class
2005Uncle John’sFarm House PerryBest of Show1st Place
🥇🥈🥉 Full Results
🥇 GOLDUncle John’sFarm House Original Hard CiderNew World Cider
🥈 SILVERWyder’s CiderWyder’s Dry Apple CiderNew World Cider
🥉 BRONZEAeppelTreow Winery & DistilleryBarn Swallow CiderNew World Cider
🥇 GOLDTulip Valley Vineyard & OrchardRed Barn Cider Fire BarrelEnglish Cider
🥈 SILVERVermont Cider CompanyStrongbowEnglish Cider
🥉 BRONZEVermont Cider CompanyWoodpeckerEnglish Cider
🏆 BEST IN CLASSUncle John’sFarm House PerryNew World Perry1st Place
🥇 GOLDWyder’s CiderDry Pear CiderFruit Cider
🥈 SILVERWyder’s CiderDry Raspberry CiderFruit Cider
🥉 BRONZEAeppelTreow Winery & DistilleryRed Poll Cran-Apple CiderFruit Cider
🥇 GOLDUncle John’sFruit House Apple WineApplewine
🥈 SILVERAeppelTreow Winery & DistilleryAutumn GloryApplewine
🥉 BRONZEUncle John’sApple Dessert WineApplewine
🥇 GOLDWhite Winter WineryCyserCyser
🥈 SILVERUncle John’sCyserCyser
🥉 BRONZELong Island MeaderyApple CyserCyser
🥉 BRONZEUnibroueEphemere AppleFruit Beer
🥇 GOLDWinery at Black Star FarmsSirius Maple Dessert WineSpecialty Cider and Perry
🥈 SILVERWinery at Black Star FarmsSirius Pear Dessert WineSpecialty Cider and Perry
🥉 BRONZEWinery at Black Star FarmsPear WineSpecialty Cider and Perry