GLINTCAP 2006 Commercial Results

Total Medals: 37

🏆 Best in Class: 3
🥇 Gold: 7
🥈 Silver: 15
🥉 Bronze: 12

🏆 Best in Class
2006Uncle John’sApple Dessert WineBest of Show1st Place
2006Mcintosh CellarsGolden HarvestBest of Show2nd Place
2006Winery at Black Star FarmsSpirit of Pear Eau DeVieBest of Show2nd Place
📜 Styles Table
StyleYear🏆 BIC🥇 Gold🥈 Silver🥉 BronzeTotal
Modern Cider200601258
Traditional Cider200601214
Modern Perry200600101
Fruit Cider200601214
Specialty Cider and Perry200601337
Unlimited Cider and Perry200601225
Ice Cider200611103
Fortified Cider200611103
🥇🥈🥉 Full Results
🥇 GOLDTulip Valley Vineyard & OrchardRed Barn Cider Jonagold New World Cider
🥈 SILVERWandering Aengus CiderworksHeirloom Blend Oregan Hard CiderNew World Cider
🥈 SILVERWandering Aengus CiderworksOregon Hard CiderNew World Cider
🥉 BRONZEAeppelTreow Winery & DistilleryAntique RussetNew World Cider
🥉 BRONZECrispin Cider CompanyFox Barrel Hard Apple CiderNew World Cider
🥉 BRONZERobinette CellarsBarzillas BrewNew World Cider
🥉 BRONZEUncle John’sFarmhouse CiderNew World Cider
🥉 BRONZEWinery at Black Star FarmsHard Apple CiderNew World Cider
🥇 GOLDWandering Aengus CiderworksDry Oregon Hard CiderEnglish Cider
🥈 SILVERWestcott Bay CiderTraditional DryEnglish Cider
🥈 SILVERWestcott Bay CiderTraditional Extra DryEnglish Cider
🥉 BRONZEWestcott Bay CiderTraditional Medium SweetEnglish Cider
🥈 SILVERUncle John’sFarm House PerryNew World Perry
🥇 GOLDCrispin Cider CompanyFox Barrel Pear CiderFruit Cider
🥈 SILVERCrispin Cider CompanyFox Barrel Black Currant CiderFruit Cider
🥈 SILVERUncle John’sFruit House Winter Apple CherryFruit Cider
🥉 BRONZEAeppelTreow Winery & DistilleryRed Poll Cranapple CiderFruit Cider
🥈 SILVERUncle John’sFruit House AppleApplewine
🥉 BRONZEAeppelTreow Winery & DistillerySummer’s EndApplewine
🥇 GOLDLong Island MeaderyApple CyserCyser
🥈 SILVERUncle John’sFruit House Winery CyserCyser
🥈 SILVERWinery at Black Star FarmsPear WineSpecialty Cider and Perry
🥉 BRONZEAeppelTreow Winery & DistillerySparrow Spiced CiderSpecialty Cider and Perry
🥉 BRONZECascade Winery & Sierra Rose CidersApple Cinnamon WineSpecialty Cider and Perry
🥇 GOLDVermont Cider CompanyWoodchuck Pear CiderUnlimited Cider and Perry
🥈 SILVERAeppelTreow Winery & DistilleryBarn Swallow CiderUnlimited Cider and Perry
🥈 SILVERVermont Cider CompanyWoodchuck Granny Smith CiderUnlimited Cider and Perry
🥉 BRONZEVermont Cider CompanyWoodchuck Amber CiderUnlimited Cider and Perry
🥉 BRONZEVermont Cider CompanyWoodchuck Raspberry CiderUnlimited Cider and Perry
🏆 BEST IN CLASSMcintosh CellarsGolden HarvestIce Cider2nd Place
🥇 GOLDMcintosh CellarsAutumn GoldIce Cider
🥈 SILVERMcintosh CellarsMcIntosh BlendIce Cider
🏆 BEST IN CLASSUncle John’sApple Dessert WinePommeau1st Place
🥇 GOLDWandering Aengus CiderworksCellar DoorPommeau
🥈 SILVERAeppelTreow Winery & DistilleryPommeauxPommeau
🥈 SILVERWinery at Black Star FarmsSpirit of Apple BrandyBrandy
🏆 BEST IN CLASSWinery at Black Star FarmsSpirit of Pear Eau DeVieEau de vie2nd Place