GLINTCAP 2007 Commercial Results

Total Medals: 36

🏆 Best in Class: 1
🥇 Gold: 4
🥈 Silver: 16
🥉 Bronze: 15

🏆 Best in Class
2007Tulip Valley Vineyard & OrchardBurro Loco CiderBest of Show1st Place
📜 Styles Table
StyleYear🏆 BIC🥇 Gold🥈 Silver🥉 BronzeTotal
Modern Cider2007118515
Traditional Cider200701034
Modern Perry200700101
Fruit Cider200700112
Specialty Cider and Perry200701337
Unlimited Cider and Perry200700022
Fortified Cider200701203
🥇🥈🥉 Full Results
🏆 BEST IN CLASSTulip Valley Vineyard & OrchardBurro Loco CiderNew World Cider1st Place
🥇 GOLDAeppelTreow Winery & DistilleryAeppeltreow BarnSwallow CiderNew World Cider
🥈 SILVERFoggy Ridge CiderFirst FruitNew World Cider
🥈 SILVERFoggy Ridge CiderSerious CiderNew World Cider
🥈 SILVERHolmberg Orchards & WineryRussettNew World Cider
🥈 SILVERMcintosh CellarsTraditional Draft Apple CiderNew World Cider
🥈 SILVERMcintosh CellarsTraditional Draft Apple CiderNew World Cider
🥈 SILVERNew Holland BrewingCiderNew World Cider
🥈 SILVERWandering Aengus CiderworksHeirloom Blend CiderNew World Cider
🥈 SILVERWinery at Black Star FarmsBSF Hard Apple CiderNew World Cider
🥉 BRONZEChateau BuffaloDancing Buffalo “Mambo Cidre”New World Cider
🥉 BRONZECrispin Cider CompanyFox Barrel Hard CiderNew World Cider
🥉 BRONZEHolmberg Orchards & WineryCortlandNew World Cider
🥉 BRONZEUncle John’sApple Hard CiderNew World Cider
🥉 BRONZEWhite Winter WineryWhite Winter Hard Apple CiderNew World Cider
🥇 GOLDWestcott Bay CiderTraditional Medium SweetEnglish Cider
🥉 BRONZEWandering Aengus CiderworksDry CiderEnglish Cider
🥉 BRONZEWestcott Bay CiderTraditional DryEnglish Cider
🥉 BRONZEWestcott Bay CiderTraditional Very DryEnglish Cider
🥈 SILVERUncle John’sPerryNew World Perry
🥈 SILVERCrispin Cider CompanyFox Barrel Black Currant CiderFruit Cider
🥉 BRONZECrispin Cider CompanyFox Barrel Pear CiderFruit Cider
🥉 BRONZEHolmberg Orchards & Winery3 SheetsApplewine
🥉 BRONZEUncle John’sSelect Harvest Apple WineApplewine
🥈 SILVERAeppelTreow Winery & DistilleryAeppeltreow CyserCyser
🥈 SILVERUncle John’sCyserCyser
🥈 SILVERWhite Winter WineryWhite Winter CyserCyser
🥇 GOLDAeppelTreow Winery & DistilleryAeppeltreow PerrySpecialty Cider and Perry
🥉 BRONZERobinette CellarsAutumn CyserSpecialty Cider and Perry
🥉 BRONZEBoston Beer CompanyHardcore Crisp CiderUnlimited Cider and Perry
🥉 BRONZEWyder’s CiderPear CiderUnlimited Cider and Perry
🥇 GOLDWandering Aengus CiderworksPommeauPommeau
🥈 SILVERRobinette CellarsDessert Apple WinePommeau
🥈 SILVERUncle John’sApple Dessert Wine PommeauPommeau
🥈 SILVERWinery at Black Star FarmsBSF Apple BrandyBrandy
🥉 BRONZENew Holland BrewingBrandyBrandy